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    Also, through April 20, 2022 Experian, Equifax and Trans Union have agreed to make online credit reports available for free once per week. Do not wait. Order them today!!

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    If you have any questions about your reports he will perform a no cost post-bankruptcy credit report review and analyze your credit reports for you.

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    Financial Protection Attorney Tod A. Lewis, the “Fresh Start Hero,” helps folks who’ve finished a Chapter 7 0r
    Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy with their credit reports.

    One of the most important tools needed to rebuild your post-bankruptcy financial life is a good credit score built on an accurate credit report. Tod can help you regain control of your credit. He will help you gain the upper hand on any creditors and credit bureaus failing to report your post-bankruptcy accounts accurately. If they improperly refuse to fix their errors, he will file a lawsuit on your behalf.

    Your credit reports can make or break your financial future.

    Consequently, you need to get your credit reports immediately!

    And if necessary, the Fresh Start Hero will take your litigation case on a full contingent fee basis. Put simply, you pay no money out of pocket, no costs of suit, and he doesn’t get paid unless you win or settle your case and you get compensated. It’s really simple. You’ve got nothing to lose with the Fresh Start Hero!