Zero Money Down, I Don’t Get Paid If You Don’t Get Paid: How Contingency Fees Work.

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What Is a Contingency Fee Agreement?

Contingency fee agreements are fairly common agreements for legal representation. Put simply, the fact that I work on a contingency fee basis means that you pay no money down, and I don’t get paid unless I win your case and you get compensated. I front all of the fees, costs, and labor, and I only get paid when I resolve your case successfully.

My Fee Structure Allows Me to Help All Consumers Who Need Representation

It’s really pretty simple, you’ve got nothing to lose. The contingency fee pay structure allows me to offer my services to anyone who may need them, regardless of financial situation. I believe that ALL consumers are entitled to protection, and you should always be able to afford an attorney to fight for your rights.

Not Every Case Is Right for Me

Now, I will tell you that I do not take every case. If I don’t think your case is a winner, I figure why waste everybody’s time? This is not a guarantee. All cases are different and everyone’s problems are different. However, you can know that if I take your case, I am pretty well confident your case has merit and that you’re entitled to compensation.